Samsung Galaxy A51 disable auto-correction for keyboard - Manual


On your Samsung Galaxy A51 you have installed the Samsung keyboard, which provides you with useful functions ex works, such as Intelligent Typing. Intelligent typing includes a dictionary and therefore you can use the "auto-correction" feature.


The auto-correction is active ex works and automatically changes misspelled words. This is where the problem comes into play.

Because there are words that you may have deliberately chosen because, for example, they are colloquial. The auto-correction automatically adjusts these words so that they are "correct".

Depending on how often you now receive automatic improvements, it may make sense to disable the automatic correction of the Samsung Galaxy A51. Here we have summarized for you how to do this exactly:

Disabling the Samsung Galaxy A51 autocorrection - here's how it works

1.            Open the settings on the Samsung Galaxy A51.

2.            Scroll down to "General Administration" and select the entry.

3.            Now select "Language and input" and then "On-screen keyboard".

4.            Next, go to "Samsung Keyboard" and then to "Intelligent Typing".

5.            Now select "Replace automatically" and then deactivate the option at "English".

You have just successfully disabled the auto-correction of the Samsung Galaxy A51 or keyboard. From now on, words will no longer be replaced automatically if you press the space bar and the word differs from the suggested word.


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