Samsung Galaxy A51 pixel defective in the display? Find errors!

 Defective pixels can occur in any smartphone and therefore the Samsung Galaxy A51 can also be affected. This means that a pixel can no longer display the colors red, green, blue, and this is then visible as an anomaly when the pixel is displayed.


It is also possible that the colors can no longer be displayed as vividly as with other pixels. This is called burnt-in. In the following we will explain how you can perform various tests to locate defective pixels.

Check the display of the Samsung Galaxy A51 - How to do it

1.            Open the phone app on the Samsung Galaxy A51.

2.            Switch to the numeric keypad.

3.            Enter the following code: *#0*#

4.            The service menu is now displayed

5.            Now select the following tiles one after the other in the row at the top: Red, Green, Blue

6.            For each color, check if you can recognize a black pixel.

If you notice a black spot on one of the pixels or if it is darker than the rest, then it is defective. This is definitely a reason to return the Samsung Galaxy A51 directly and ask for a new one as a replacement.

The test is very easy to perform and defective pixels are usually also very easy to detect. A magnifying glass may help you to detect such a pixel.


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