Samsung Galaxy calls are automatically terminated

 With Samsung Galaxy smartphones, it can happen that incoming calls are automatically terminated when you answer them or that the connection is also simply interrupted during a call.

The cause is usually not visible at first glance, but often it is due to the so-called Voice Over LTE setting.


This is because when VoLTE is activated, the behavior described above is noticeable with some network providers. If the network is poor in the LTE band, the smartphone switches back to the UMTS band.

During this change it can happen that the connection is interrupted. The telephone call is simply ended.

Our tip is therefore if you often have to struggle with the above mentioned behavior:

Disable VoLTE if there are connection problems with the Samsung Galaxy smartphone

1. open the Android settings

2. navigate to "Connections

3. go to "Mobile Networks".

Disable the slider for "VOLT calls SIM".

This means that a call on your Samsung Galaxy smartphone is no longer handled via the LTE network, but immediately via the UMTS network. Due to the missing network change no more problems should arise.


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