Samsung Galaxy missed calls are not displayed

Samsung Galaxy smartphones with Android operating system sometimes have the problem that missed calls in your absence are not immediately recognizable by a notification.

This means that there is no notification in the status bar and the app icon indicator on the phone app does not provide any corresponding information.


This is impractical, but can usually be solved very quickly via the Android settings. In these, the Android function "Reset app preferences" can be used, which can be found on the smartphone as follows

Resetting the app preferences on a Samsung Galaxy smartphone

1. From the Home screen, open the Android Settings app.

2. Navigate to "Apps" on the home screen.

3. Click on the three-point symbol in the upper right corner.

4. In the context menu that now appears, please navigate to:

  • Reset default settings.

5. Restart the Samsung Galaxy phone.

Missed calls that have not yet been displayed on your Samsung Galaxy should now be displayed as a notification as usual.

We hope that this guide has helped you solve the problem of missed missed calls.

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