Samsung Galaxy Note 20 fast charging no longer works

If you are wondering how this prevents your Samsung Galaxy Note 20 from recharging quickly, this may have different backgrounds. Usually, however, there is no defect, but the cause is due to the hardware used or the settings in the software.


Here we want to give you a detailed breakdown of how to proceed on the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 when the smartphone can no longer be recharged quickly:

Use the original power supply or charger

Unfortunately, there is no standard yet that causes manufacturers to make functions such as quick charging work with any charger. This means that it is best to use the original charger and power supply.

This is the only way to ensure that you get full loading speed on the Samsung Galaxy Note 20.

After you have ensured this prerequisite, you can perform troubleshooting on your device.

Solutions if the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 is not charging quickly

Enable quick load in the Android settings

1. open the settings.

2. go to "Device maintenance" and then "Battery".

Select "Recharge".

4. there are three loading options. Make sure that the following options are enabled:

  • Quick charge
  • Super fast charge
  • Inductive fast charging

If an option is not active, use the slider to turn it on.

If this setting is already set, please check the following workarounds:

Switch off the phone and let it cool down

Switch off the smartphone completely once and let it cool down. Especially in summer, high temperatures can cause the charging current to be automatically reduced.

Switch the device on again after approx. 5 minutes

Execute Wipe Cache Partition

With a wipe cache partition you can fix basic errors that occur due to old temporary files in the Android system. This can be done as follows:

  • Wipe Cache Partition

We hope that this article has helped you to quickly recharge your Samsung Galaxy Note 20.


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