Samsung Galaxy S20 cannot find a network abroad

If you are on vacation with your Samsung Galaxy S20 and are allowed to take your smartphone out of flight mode after the plane has landed, it is clear that you want to report that you have arrived safely at your destination.


Especially then it is annoying when the Samsung Galaxy S20 can't find a net it can dial into and instead of a net strength indicator in the notification bar only a crossed out circle is displayed.


If you also have this problem, we would like to help you find a network abroad to which the Samsung Galaxy S20 can dial in.

To do this you have to go through the following step-by-step instructions on your Samsung Galaxy S20:

No network on vacation? Here is the solution!

1.            Starts from the home screen and then navigates through the menu to the Android settings.

2.            Here you go to the "Connections" tab.

3.            Now tap on "Mobile Networks" and then on "Network Mode".

4.            Sets the network mode to "GSM only".

Background: GSM is the most widespread and best developed mobile phone network in the world, as it has been around for a very long time and is available in many areas worldwide.

Selecting a network operator manually

Once you have set the setting, the next step is to tap in the same submenu:

  • "Network Operator à Select Network Operator".

Your Samsung Galaxy S20 will now search for available network operators that the Samsung Galaxy S20 can dial into.

In most cases it is regulated in such a way that network operators have a cooperation contract with foreign operators, so that only the network that has a cooperation with your contractual partner can be selected.

If you accidentally choose the wrong net, you don't have to be afraid because you will get the following error message on your screen:

  • "Your SIM card does not allow connection to this network."

If there are several networks, then you have to try until you can dial in.

If you have the right network, you are now connected to this mobile network with your Samsung Galaxy S20 and can make calls, write SMS and surf the mobile data network abroad.

The settings should remain saved by the Samsung Galaxy S20 for the next stay. We hope that this article has helped you if the Samsung Galaxy S20 can not find a network abroad where it can register.

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