Samsung Galaxy S20 Clear Browser History - Resolved

 Whenever you surf the Internet with the Samsung Galaxy S20 using the Samsung Internet Browser, it will automatically save all the pages you have visited in a so-called history.

This browser history, similar to a protocol, stores all visited web pages.


Thus it should be easier for you to find already visited websites quickly.

However, you may not want the Samsung Galaxy S20 Internet Browser to remember the web pages you visit from a particular session. If this is the case, here are instructions on how to delete the browsing history on the Samsung Galaxy S20.

Empty browser history - step by step

1.            First of all, open the Samsung Internet Browser on your smartphone.

2.            In the navigation bar at the bottom, tap on the three-bar symbol and then on "Settings".

3.            Continue now to "Privacy and Security".

4.            Now select "Delete browser data".

5.            You can now select which data should be deleted.

6.            The button "delete" will delete it on the Samsung Galaxy S20. Done!

You now know how to delete the history of the browser on the Samsung Galaxy S20, in which all visited Internet pages are logged.


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