Samsung Galaxy S20 Displaying the battery level in percent

The Samsung Galaxy S20 is equipped with a very good battery, which will provide you with enough battery power all day long. In the status bar, the battery symbol shows you how much power is left in the battery.


If that's not enough for you and you'd rather know exactly how much battery power is still available in the battery, you can have a battery display shown in percent.

If you have not yet discovered the corresponding setting on your Samsung Galaxy S20, then we would like to help you with this article:

Battery Percentage Display - Samsung Galaxy S20

1. Open the system settings in Android

2. Navigate to "Notifications" and then to "Status Bar

3. There you will find the option "Display battery charge in %".

4. Activate this option with the controller.

You will then see a percentage display in the status bar of your Samsung Galaxy S20 next to the battery symbol, telling you the exact battery charge level.

Now you have learned the necessary steps to display the battery status in percent in the status bar of Android.

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