Samsung Galaxy S20 fingerprint sensor does not recognize finger - Tips

 There are different methods on the Samsung Galaxy S20 and S10 to unlock the lock screen. One of them is fingerprinting.


The finger is placed on the lower part of the display.

The sensor, which is installed below the display, recognizes the structure of your finger, i.e. your fingerprint, and then unlocks your smartphone. So much for the theory.

But now it is possible that the fingerprint is not recognized correctly by your Samsung Galaxy S20 and S10. Even after placing the finger on the fingerprint sensor several times, it will be identified as not correct, which will result in the input of a pin that has also been previously defined.

If this is also the case with your Samsung Galaxy S20 and S10 with the "fingerprint" unlock method, please check the following:

1. finger not clean, wet or moist

The fingerprint scanner can hardly recognize your fingerprint if it is wet, sticky, etc.

Especially with wet hands the sensor has problems to detect them properly. Therefore, before placing your finger on the sensor, briefly wipe your finger with a handkerchief or trousers.

2. faulty temporary system files

Often temporary system files that are outdated can cause problems. That's why we recommend you to create a "Wipe Cache Partition". This will delete the old system files of Android, which can lead to a positive result with the fingerprint.

The Wipe Cache works with the following instructions.

In the following video you can watch the process of the wipe cache partition again.

3. reset to factory settings

If this did not help either, please check the possibility to perform a factory reset.

This resets the smartphone to factory settings. This may lead to a solution of the fingerprint problem.

The factory reset can be performed as follows.

4th guarantee case? Smartphone may have to be sent in

If the tips did not help, we recommend that you make use of the warranty of your Samsung Galaxy S20 and S10. Because then the sensor for the fingerprint under the display is most likely defective.


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