Samsung Galaxy S20 Flashing pixel display on call


On the Samsung Galaxy S20, you may see a flashing white pixel at the top of the display when you make a call. This white pixel may confuse you and you may want to know what it is.


The reason behind the white pixel is quickly explained. It is the proximity sensor. It is activated with every call to check whether you are holding the smartphone to your ear.

If this is the case, the display of the Samsung Galaxy S20 is deactivated, which saves battery power and protects against accidental touching.

So now you know that the white blinking pixel in the upper part of the display of your Samsung Galaxy S20 is the proximity sensor and that it is activated the moment you make a call.

But if the pixel remains white even when you don't make a call or phone call, then under certain circumstances a pixel may be completely defective. In this case you should definitely perform the following display test:

  • Check Samsung Galaxy S20 screen for errors

So now you know what blinking pixels are all about on your Samsung Galaxy S20.


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