Samsung Galaxy S20 location is displayed incorrectly - Update AGPS

 The Samsung Galaxy S20 is equipped with a GPS receiver, with which it is possible to determine your position to within a few meters. This is especially necessary for apps like "Maps", "Outdooractive", "Pokemon Go" etc.


If you find out that the GPS location of your Samsung Galaxy S20 does not work correctly, it makes sense to update the AGPS data on your smartphone.

What is AGPS data?

AGPS stands for Assisted GPS. By using this resource, the GPS receiver in the smartphone is able to receive information from network resources to support satellite positioning.

This means that the AGPS data must first be updated via a data network, be it mobile or via W-Lan. Then these data can be used to improve the GPS positioning.

AGPS data update - Instruction

In order to reload the AGPS data, you need to download the following app from the Google Play Store.

  • Download GPS Status

After you have installed the app on your Samsung Galaxy S20 please follow these steps:

1. Please open the app and activate the GPS of your smartphone, if not already done, by pulling down the status bar and activating the corresponding toggle with "GPS

2. Back in the app, tap anywhere on the screen and then tap the three bar icon in the upper left corner to display the app's menu.

3. Select the option "Manage AGPS data" in the now opened side menu

4. To perform the AGPS update, select the buttons in the following order

  • Reset
  • Download

This will first reset and then reload the AGPS data of the smartphone.

Your Samsung Galaxy S20 should then be able to determine your correct location using GPS without any problems.


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