Samsung Galaxy S20 mute by turning around - Tip

 On your Samsung Galaxy S20, you can activate various gestures that make your smartphone easier to use in everyday life. These include the following gesture: Turning the smartphone over to mute an incoming call.


This gesture is very useful because it allows you to mute the phone very quickly by turning it over on the screen.

Especially when you are in a meeting or conference, it is very important to quickly turn off the ringtone when you receive an incoming call.

The gesture "Flip mute by device" is not activated in Android on your Samsung Galaxy S20 ex works. Therefore, we will now explain to you where you can activate this setting on your Samsung Galaxy S20.

To do this, please open the following menu from the start screen:

Activate gesture "Mute by turning around" on the S20

1. Please open the system settings from the start screen.

2. then navigate further to the "Movements and gestures" menu.

3. Here you will find the following function: Simple Mute.

4. Activate the function by setting the slider to "On".

If you have activated the option by means of a slider, you can use the "Invert device" function to mute the device.  Done!

If you now receive a call and turn the Samsung Galaxy S20 over to the display, it will immediately mute or silence.


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