Samsung Galaxy S20, S10, A51 Shortcuts Customize lock screen

 If you have activated the lock screen on the Samsung Galaxy S20, S10, A51, then you can display shortcuts on it, which can be used, for example, to quickly make a call or call the camera.

The shortcuts can be customized on the Samsung Galaxy S20, S10, A51.


You have several options, which include the arrangement and type of the shortcuts.

We will explain in the following instructions how to configure the lock screen shortcuts.

Configuring the lock screen Shortcuts

You can find the settings for this in the following submenu of your Android smartphone:

  • Settings -> Lock screen -> Shortcuts

Enable or disable the  access from the lock screen by moving the slider from "Off" to "On".

Define the layout of the shortcuts

You can define a layout that either places the shortcuts in the lower two corners of the display or a floating button. In this variant, you must touch and hold the surface to display the shortcuts.

Place the marker where it suits you best.

Define apps for shortcuts

After that you can specify one app each for the right and left shortcut or deactivate them individually. Select a shortcut and then specify an app. The flashlight has the special feature that the lock screen does not have to be unlocked first. Almost all other apps require the lock screen to be unlocked before use.

You have now configured the App Shortcuts on the lock screen of your Samsung Galaxy S20, S10, A51.


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