Samsung Galaxy S20, S10 and S9 Smartphone rattles when shaken - solved

 If you own a Samsung Galaxy smartphone from the S20, S10 or S9 series, you may find that when you move the smartphone in certain directions, or at the latest when you shake the device, you hear a noise that sounds like a rattling.

 Accordingly, it is assumed that there is something loose in the housing and thus a possible defect of the smartphone.

But this is usually not the case, because the noise has a very specific cause, which we would like to describe to you in the following:

Rattling noise - Caused by the following component in your smartphone

The loose noise comes from the optical image stabilizer/mechanical focus, which is built into the camera of the smartphone.

The arrangement is designed in such a way that the parts can move, which leads to a rustling or rattling when the smartphone is moved accordingly.

But this is intended and there is definitely nothing defective. You can switch off the clattering for a short time by activating the camera app of your Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

This will now cause the optical image stabilizer to work and be under voltage. The rattling will disappear.

You now know the cause of the rattling noise when moving your Samsung Galaxy Smartphone from the S20, S10 or S9 series.

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