Samsung Galaxy S20, S20+ or S20 Ultra Is the smartphone waterproof? Solution

Many users who have had some water damage with their smartphone before, it is very important to them when buying a new smartphone that the new smartphone is waterproof and can withstand being under water for a short time.


This is because it usually happens very quickly that the smartphone falls into the water, be it at the pool, the bathtub, the toilet or at the lake. Here only a waterproof Smartphone protects you and the question that now arises is the following:

Is the Samsung Galaxy S20, S20+ or S20 Ultra waterproof?

Yes, the models from the S20 range are waterproof:

  • Samsung Galaxy S20 --> Waterproof to IP68
  • Samsung S20+ --> Waterproof to IP68
  • Samsung S20 Ultra --> Waterproof to IP68

You now know that all devices in the Samsung Galaxy S20 series are waterproof. But what does this mean exactly?

Importance of IP68 on a Samsung Galaxy S20 smartphone

IP means "Internal Protection" and stands for a protection class for smartphones. The code that follows describes how the smartphone is protected against the intrusion of water and dust. The first number describes the protection against dust, the second the protection against water.

IP 68 therefore stands for:

  • 6: Protection against dust
  • 8: Protection against water penetration (permanent immersion under fresh water to a depth of 1.5m)

So now you know that the Samsung Galaxy S20, S20+ or S20 Ultra devices are protected against the penetration of water and dust.

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