Samsung Galaxy S20, S20+ or S20 Ultra Which sim card do I need? Solution

If you have purchased the new Samsung Galaxy S20, or are considering a purchase, it is important to know if your currently used sim card is still usable. Why should you ask yourself this question?


Over the years, Sim cards have become smaller and smaller. The evolutionary stage is as follows:

  • Standard Sim --> Micro Sim --> Nano Sim --> eSim

All sim cards have different formats and therefore it is important to have the right format for the Samsung Galaxy S20. Otherwise it would not be possible to make calls or use the mobile data network.

Which sim card does the Samsung Galaxy S20, S20+ or S20 Ultra use?

The following Sim card types are used in the new Samsung Galaxy S20 series:

  • Samsung Galaxy S20: Nano Sim and eSim built in
  • Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus: Nano Sim and eSim installed
  • Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra: Nano Sim and eSim built in

If you do not yet have a Nano Sim, but a Standard or Micro Sim card, please proceed as follows:

Get a Nano Sim card for the Samsung Galaxy S20, S20+ or S20 Ultra

There are three main options to get a Nano Sim card for the Samsung Galaxy S20:

Option 1: Punch your own Sim card

For this you need a Sim card punch or "puncher". With this punch you can easily press a Nano Sim card out of a standard or Micro Sim card using a template. This works easy and is also cost effective. Such Sim card punches are available for example on Amazon, but often you can also borrow such a punch from a mobile phone provider in the shop.

Option 2: Perforation Multi-Sim

Many Sim cards that are currently in circulation have a perforation by which a Nano Sim card can easily be pushed out of the existing card.

If you have such a sim card, simply push out the Nano Sim card and insert it into your new Samsung Galaxy S10.  

Option 3: Request from your mobile operator

Another option is to request a new sim card through your mobile operator. This usually costs around 20-25€. The Hotline or the Online Service Center usually offers the possibility for inquiries.

The shipping of the Sim card is fast and you will receive the card within 3 working days.

You now know which Sim card size the Samsung Galaxy S20, S20+ or S20 Ultra uses and also whether they already use the new format, the eSIM.

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