Samsung Galaxy S20 Save battery - These tips increase efficiency

 The Samsung Galaxy S20 has sufficient battery capacity, but if you surf the Internet a lot or like to play games with your smartphone, it is quickly used up.

So it makes sense to disable unnecessary features and customize apps and applications to increase battery life by using less power.

 This is quite possible because many functions and applications unnecessarily consume battery power, although users usually do not use them. With this article and our battery saving tips, we would like to help you to significantly improve the battery life of the Samsung Galaxy S20.

There are various possibilities for this, which we will now list in order:

Battery saving tip 1: Disable hardware components that are not in use on the Samsung Galaxy S20

The Samsung Galaxy S20 is equipped with high quality technology, which is not always fully used by the owner.

Therefore it is advisable to disable hardware components that are not actively required. These include, for example:

  • W-Lan
  • GPS
  • Rotate screen
  • Bluetooth
  • NFC
  • Gestures
  • Smart Stay
  • and much more.

These functions all rely on a hardware module in the smartphone, which requires battery power. Especially functions like GPS (location) or Bluetooth are rarely used on average and should only be activated when using a corresponding application like Google Maps.

Also W-Lan, is usually only needed at home, on the way the mobile data connection is usually used, which is why W-Lan can be deactivated. Here, for example, you can also use the Bixby Actions to automatically activate or deactivate functions.

Functions such as Smart Stay are usually not important for many users, which is why they can be deactivated.

To deactivate the above mentioned hardware components, pull down the notification bar on your Samsung Galaxy S20 and deactivate the corresponding hardware functions using the quick setup buttons.

Colored background means that function is active, gray stands for a deactivated function.

To save battery power optimally, disable WLAN, GPS and screen rotation, Bluetooth, NFC, gestures and Smart Stay. You will already feel an increase in battery life after a short time.

Battery saving tip 2: Set the Samsung Galaxy S20 display to the lowest brightness

The display is one of the largest power consumers on the Samsung Galaxy S20. Bright means high power consumption, dimmed means very low battery consumption.

It is recommended to set the brightness of your smartphone's screen to the lowest level. To do this, open the menu on your Samsung Galaxy S20 and then the settings.

Here you find the entry "Display". Deactivate the "Adaptive Brightness" by setting the slider to inactive. Move the slider for the brightness to the left as far as the brightness is comfortable for you.

This setting can also be made via the notification bar, where the brightness can also be controlled.

Battery saving tip 3: Switch the Samsung Galaxy S20 into GSM mode

If you set the connection mode of the Samsung Galaxy S20 to GSM, this also saves a lot of battery power.

Changing the frequency bands in search of the best available network consumes a lot of battery capacity in the smartphone.

Especially in areas where, for example, UMTS or LTE is only weakly available, the smartphone must often switch between the UMTS network, the GSM network and the LTE network. This consumes power and can be prevented by setting a network mode.

To permanently activate GSM network mode on the Samsung Galaxy S20, open

Menu --> Settings --> Connections --> Mobile networks --> Network mode. Select the "GSM only" mode in this submenu.

Advantages of this battery saving tip:

  • Battery life of the Samsung Galaxy S20 is increased.
  • Very good telephone connection, since GSM is very well developed everywhere.

Disadvantage of this battery saving tip:

  • The Internet speed is throttled down to GPRS speed. To surf faster, you would have to switch between the network modes.

Battery saving tip 4: Switch your Samsung Galaxy S20 to flight mode at night

If you don't receive calls or SMS during the night, but use the Samsung Galaxy S20 as an alarm clock, just switch it to flight mode.

This disables all units that have connectivity, saving a great deal of power. With flight mode enabled, the Samsung Galaxy S20 consumes approximately 2-3% within 8-10 hours.

This allows for very long runtimes of your smartphone.

We hope that these tips have helped you save battery consumption and extend the battery life of the Samsung Galaxy S20 accordingly. If you have any further tips for improving the battery performance, we would be happy if you share them in the comments.

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