Samsung Galaxy S20 Sim card slot is stuck in the case - solution

In the Samsung Galaxy S20, the sim card is integrated into a sim card slot, which is then inserted into the housing of the smartphone. Due to the IP certification 68, the Sim card slot is equipped with a rubber seal, which guarantees waterproofness.


This rubber seal can sometimes make it difficult to get the Sim card slot out of the smartphone and it can even get stuck in the slot so that it cannot be removed.

If this is the case with your Samsung Galaxy S20, the following workaround will help to solve the problem:

Get the Sim card slot out of the case of the Samsung Galaxy S20

The seal on the Sim card slot will become soft over time and will stick a little. To get the seal a little tighter again, you simply have to put the Samsung Galaxy S20 in the fridge.

So put the smartphone in the fridge for about 15 minutes or longer. This will cause the rubber seal to contract and the sim card slot can usually be removed from the Samsung Galaxy S20 without any problems.

This tip helps in 99% of cases, but for the remaining 1% you would actually have to go to a specialist workshop.

We hope that this workaround helped you to solve the problem with the stuck Sim card slot.


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