Samsung Galaxy S20 Soft Reset if the system crashes

 The Samsung Galaxy S20 has a built-in battery, which unfortunately makes it impossible to restart the phone by removing the battery and disconnecting the power supply.

This method was often used with previous models, for example when the Android operating system crashed or the screen no longer responded to touch input.


Since this is unfortunately no longer possible, the Samsung Galaxy S20 requires a so-called soft reset instead of removing the battery.

How such a soft reset works with the Samsung Galaxy S20 is what we want to explain to you in this article:

Perform Soft Reset - Quick Guide

To perform the soft reset, press and hold the following key for about 10 seconds:

  • Power On/ Off Button

This will now switch off the Samsung Galaxy S20 from now on, similar to removing the battery, and then restart it again.

Thus, the Samsung Galaxy S20 can be used as usual again.

You now know how to perform a soft reset on the Samsung Galaxy S20, which simulates removing the battery.

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