Samsung Galaxy S20 Transfer pictures and videos to PC

You can take great photos and videos with the Samsung Galaxy S20. To do this, the smartphone has several camera modules installed that capture your surroundings in the best photo quality.


Usually you will want to transfer these pictures and videos to your computer after a while to store or process them. To do this, connect the Samsung Galaxy S20 to your PC with a USB cable.

If you have never transferred your pictures and videos to a PC before, then we have the right instructions for you here:

Samsung Galaxy S20 Transfer photos and videos to a computer via USB cable

1. Connect the data cable to the USB port of your Samsung smartphone and the USB port of your computer

2. Allow access to the phone data by confirming the message on the Samsung Galaxy S20

3. Launch the Windows Explorer file manager on your computer.

4. Navigate to the desired folder in your phone's file system. For pictures and videos, navigate to the following subfolder:

  • Internal Storage\DCIM\Camera

Or when using a memory card:

5. select a photo or video file or several files within this folder and move or copy them to the desired location on your PC.

You can copy or move several files at once. Simply select multiple files.

Now you know how to easily transfer pictures and videos from a Samsung Galaxy S20 to a computer.

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