Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Macro Shooting hardly possible - Tip

 The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra is equipped with a very good camera setup, which promises you great photos in any situation. Up to 108 Megapixels are possible.


Many smartphone users like to take pictures in the maco area, so they like to get close to an object with their camera to take pictures of it.

But especially here it seems at the moment that the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra has extreme problems with focusing. Users already report that it is hardly possible to get sharp macro shots if you get closer than 8.5 cm to an object.

This is not such a good value, as older models of Samsung or competing smartphones can focus much better on macro shots.

The question that now arises is, what else can users do to ensure that images are in focus at close range?

Firmware Update brings improvement

Samsung is aware of the macro issues with its camera and has already released a firmware update to address the problem. In fact, the macro function has improved a bit after the update, but still not very good for a smartphone in this price range.

It is questionable if there will be another update which can still fix this problem.

Now you know that the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra is not particularly good for macro photography, because the focus does not come into focus at close range.


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