Samsung Galaxy S20 warning camera error - Solution


The Samsung Galaxy S20, S20 Plus and S20 Ultra are each equipped with very good camera modules. These take photos and videos in an extremely good quality.


Unfortunately, it can always happen that the following error is displayed on the screen when opening the camera anyway:

  • Warning - Camera Error

The camera warning of the Samsung Galaxy S20 will be displayed in different situations, but most of the time there is no major defect of the camera, but only an error with the software. In the following we have summarized all workarounds that solve the problem "camera error".

How can the "Warning - Camera" error be fixed?

The following workarounds will help you to fix the camera error quickly and/or to find out if there is a technical defect of the camera:

Empty the cache of the camera app

1.            Open the settings on the Samsung Galaxy S20.

2.            Navigate to "Apps" and search for the camera app in the list of applications.

3.            Select the camera app to display the app information.

4.            You will now find the entry "Memory" - Select the entry.

5.            You will now find two buttons: Clear data and empty cache

6.            Now first select "Empty Cache" and then "Clear Data".

7.            We now recommend that you restart the smartphone once and then open the app again.

The error or problem that occurred with the app should no longer exist. Now you know a quick way to fix errors and problems with apps.

Execute Wipe Cache Partition

The Wipe Cache Partition offers you several advantages from which also the camera app can benefit. The following instructions for the Samsung galaxy S20 will help you:

  • Perform Samsung Galaxy S20 Wipe Cache Partition

You want to know more about the Wipe Cache Partition? Then read the detailed explanation here:

  • This is how the partition cache works on an Android smartphone

Shake camera

Sometimes it can also be effective to simply shake the camera in order to free the mechanics, for example those of the image stabilizer. This can also lead to the "camera error".

Here is an exact instruction for it:

  • Free camera focus

If this workaround did not help, you can continue to a final test via the Samsung Service menu:

Test via service menu

The service menu offers you various options for testing the smartphone hardware. This includes tests for the display, the sensors and also for the camera. How to perform the test, we want to explain to you here:

1.            Opens the phone app on the Samsung Galaxy S20.

2.            Navigates further to the number field.

3.            Now enter the following code here: *#0*#

4.            Then you will see the Samsung Service Menu.

5.            Selects "MEGA CAM".

If you can now see a live camera image without any problems, then run the tips from above again, because that means the camera is working. But if you see only a black image, this means that the camera is defective.

You should then contact a Samsung support store and possibly make use of the warranty.

We hope that one of these tips helped you to fix the camera bug. If you have any further tips, just write them in the comment

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