Samsung Galaxy side screen consumes battery power after firmware update

With the firmware update to Samsung's OneUI 2.5, some smartphones such as the Samsung Galaxy S10 may require extremely high battery power for the side screen. You can get this information if you look at the overview of the battery consumption of the last hours in the Android settings.


This phenomenon occurs more and more since the update to OneUI 2.5 and causes problems for users because they do not have the usual battery life of their smartphone. Unfortunately, at the moment there is no other alternative to solve the problem by completely disabling the side screen or side panels.

This workaround must be applied for as long as Samsung needs to deploy an appropriate patch.

Below is a brief description of how to disable the side panels on the Samsung smartphone from OneUI 2.5 onwards.

Disable side screen - reduce battery consumption from OneUI 2.5 on

Open the App menu.

2. select Settings and then "Display".

3. go to "page screen

4. deactivate "side panels" here

After that, the battery consumption will not be as high anymore from OneUI 2.5 on. As soon as there will be an official firmware update from Samsung which addresses the problem, you will find this here in our blog.


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