Samsung Galaxy What is the Flex mode? Resolved

If you own a foldable smartphone from Samsung, you have the possibility to use a so-called flex mode. This mode was developed in cooperation with Google and enables the following function when the smartphone is freestanding on a surface.


Function of the Flex Mode for foldable Smartphones

The display automatically splits into two screens, so you can easily view images, content or video in the upper half of the display and control it in the lower half.

Also in the Youtube app it is possible to watch videos in the upper part, while you can search for more videos or leave a comment in the lower display.

How can I activate the Flex mode?

If you want to use the Flex mode on your foldable Samsung Galaxy smartphone, you simply have to open an appropriate app and set the display ratio to about 90°.

Now you know how to activate Flex mode on a Samsung Galaxy smartphone and use it like a mini laptop.

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