Samsung Galaxy Which app uses how much battery?


On a Samsung Galaxy smartphone or tablet such as Note 20, S20, S10, S9, etc. you may notice that the battery feels a little weak. With the appropriate Android tools that are on board, you can now find out which app uses how much battery power.


The Android battery screen shows you how much power has been used since the battery was last charged. Consumers like apps, system services and hardware are taken into account.

Viewing battery consumption via device maintenance - How it works

1. open the settings on your Samsung Galaxy smartphone

2. go to "Device maintenance" and then to "Battery

3. now select "Battery consumption".

You can now see which applications, hardware components and system services have used battery power since the last recharge.

Select an app to get detailed information on battery usage, such as background activity, etc. You can also view the battery consumption over the last few days or how long you have been using the smartphone.

With newer models like the S10 or S20 it is unfortunately no longer possible to see detailed information about the battery consumption for the display. For this purpose you have to use an app from the Google Play Store.

The following app for monitoring battery consumption has proven to be very useful.

  • AccuBattery

If you install this app, you will get much more information about battery consumption.

We hope that this brief insight has helped you to check the battery consumption of your apps.


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