Samsung introduces 8 Terabyte SSD hard disk - What you can do with it

 Samsung has introduced a new SSD hard drive, which has an extremely high memory capacity. The model "SATA-SSD 870 QVO" offers the user an 8 terabyte memory.


The new SSD is based on a QLC flash memory of the second generation.

The hard disk should offer a balanced mix of speed, space and reliability. The 870 QVO provides sequential read and write speeds of up to 560/530 MB/s. A new technology called "SLC-Buffer3" makes it possible that these speeds can be constantly written or read.

With 8 terabytes, the user is offered a lot of storage space. Numerical examples are always interesting here. We have listed these for you below:

This much can be stored on 8 TB of storage on an SSD

  • About 8 million books
  • About 1,000 hours of Full-HD videos
  • About 355 hours of 4K videos

The interesting question is now:

How much does the SATA SSD 870 QVO cost and when is it available?

The 8 TB SSD hard disk 870 QVO is expected to be available at the end of August 2020. The UVP is currently at just under 850€.

Source: Samsung Newsroom


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