Samsung keyboard remove single words - How to do it

All Samsung smartphones come with the company's own keyboard installed, which for most users already offers the best package of operation and function.

The Samsung keyboard also comes with a dictionary, with which it is possible to record your own terms and colloquial words and display them using the "intelligent typing" function.


But here it can happen that words are included in the dictionary that are spelled incorrectly or contain spicy details that you don't want to be suggested when you type the first few letters of them. In this case it is advisable to simply remove this word from the Samsung keyboard.

How to remove single words from the Samsung keyboard dictionary

1.            Opens an app in which the Samsung keyboard is opened

2.            Enter the first letters of the word to be deleted so that it is displayed as a suggestion.

3.            Now press the word you want to delete with your finger for a long time - a Po-Up appears

4.            "Word XYZ is removed from the learned words" - confirm the process with "OK".

Below you can see the individual steps again in our video tutorial:

After that, the word will no longer appear in the suggested words of the dictionary on your Samsung keyboard.

Now you know the procedure to delete a single word from the dictionary of the Samsung keyboard.


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