Samsung OneUI 3.0 Which smartphones get the new interface?

Samsung OneUI is the interface that is displayed to users of a Samsung Galaxy smartphone when they use the Android system. Many features known to users are integrated in this interface and not in Android, so it is always interesting to see what new features the next OneUI version will bring.


The Samsung OneUI 3.0 interface will be the successor of the 2.1 version and will again bring new features that many users would like to have. The question that now arises is which smartphones will receive Samsung OneUI 3.0.

There is a first information about this.

What features does Samsung OneUI 3.0 offer?

Samsung is working hard to expand gesture navigation. In the future, OneUi 3.0 will be able to better adjust the sensitivity for gestures.

The option "Continue on restart" helps applications to start their functions on restart without any problems. Furthermore it will be possible to use Bluetooth in airplane mode, which is great as many people already have Bluetooth headphones in use.

In addition, OneUI 3.0 will include improved battery management and many other small improvements.

Which Samsung Galaxy smartphones get Samsung OneUI 3.0?

To find out if your Samsung smartphone is included for the update to OneUI 3.0, please check the list below:

Galaxy Note 20Galaxy

Note 20+/UltraGalaxy

Fold 2Galaxy

Flip 5GGalaxy

Tab S7Galaxy

Tab S7+Galaxy


S20 5GGalaxy


S20+ 5GGalaxy

S20 UltraGalaxy

S20 Ultra 5GGalaxy

Z FlipGalaxy


Fold 5GGalaxy

Note 10+ 5GGalaxy

Note 10+Galaxy Note 10


Note 10

S10 5GGalaxy




Note 10 LiteGalaxy

S10 LiteGalaxy

A QuantumGalaxy

A90 5GGalaxy


A71 5GGalaxy


A51 5GGalaxy










M31Galaxy M31Galaxy

Tab S6 5GGalaxy

Tab S6

Galaxy Tab S6 LiteGalaxy

XCover Pro

Now you know what new features OneUI 3.0 provides for Samsung devices and also which models will get the new interface.


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