Samsung Smartphone GPS positioning does not work - solution

Apps like Android Auto, Google Maps, Uber use the GPS of your Samsung smartphone to determine your current location. Here it can happen that the positioning does not work or is even wrong.


This means that even if you are sitting in a moving car or on a bicycle, the GPS cannot display your position. Therefore, navigation with satellite support is not possible.

This problem can occur on various Samsung smartphones and should be fixed by the user. This usually works simply by means of a small workaround, which we would like to present here:

Solve GPS tracking problems on Samsung Galaxy smartphones

The solution is to reload the A-GPS data. The software "GPS Status" from the Google Play Store supports you.

1. in the first step, download the free app "GPS Test" from the Google Play Store

  • App Download GPS status from the Google Play Store

2. if you have GPS Status installed on your Samsung Smartphone, please open the app and, if you haven't already done so, set the location of your Samsung Galaxy Smartphone to "active".

To do so, pull down the status bar and activate the corresponding toggle with "GPS".

In the overview of the GPS application "GPS Status" with the displayed compass rose, tap anywhere on the screen and then tap the three bar symbol in the upper left corner to display the menu of the app.

4. select the option "Manage AGPS data" in the now opened side menu

Now select the following buttons in order:

  • Reset
  • Download

6. this will first reset and then reload the AGPS data of the Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

This will cause the GPS positioning by your smartphone to work properly again. So apps like Google Maps and Uber can be used again without problems.


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