Samsung washer-dryer does not tumble dry - Tips


If you use a Samsung washer-dryer at home, you may find that some of your laundry cannot be taken out of it cupboard dry, but that there is still some residual moisture.

This is not the promised quality feature of the Samsung washer-dryer and so you will ask yourself why the washer-dryer does not get the laundry completely dry.


In fact, there are a number of conditions that must be met for the Samsung washer-dryer to deliver a perfect result. In this article we would like to describe exactly what these requirements are:

Requirements for the Samsung washer-dryer to work cabinet dry.

1. wash and dry similar laundry

One should always use similar pieces of laundry, which are treated in one washing or drying process. The drying capacity depends on the type of laundry. So it is not advisable to combine cotton and sportswear in one wash cycle.

2. observe markings or loading

Check that the load of the Samsung washer-dryer is correct. There should be neither too much nor too little laundry in the machine. The Samsung washer-dryer has a mark in the drum to which it should be filled to ensure proper drying.

3. shake out the washed clothes vigorously before drying

It makes sense to shake your clothes vigorously after washing and before drying them. Often the wet laundry is stuck together, which then causes the drying process not to work properly because the moisture sensor cannot detect the moisture correctly and starts too early, as some garments are drier than others.

4. humidity sensor defective

Unfortunately, it is quite possible that the moisture sensor of the Samsung washer-dryer may have a defect. If the above tips do not improve the drying result, the sensor may be broken.

Here you need to contact Samsung support, who may then replace the machine's sensor.

We hope that you got a positive result with tip 1-3.


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