Samsung Washer-Dryer Lint Screen Cleaning - Instructions

 From time to time it is necessary to clean the lint filter of your Samsung washer-dryer. Since this is a maintenance job that you do not do all the time, we have written a guide here to guide you through the process of lint screen cleaning.


Please proceed as follows:

Samsung washer-dryer Clean the lint filter

1.            First of all, switch off the Samsung washer-dryer completely.

2.            Now remove the power plug from the socket.

3.            Now open the cover using a coin or key.

4.            Drain the remaining water in the drum via the emergency drain.

5.            Now press the lint filter cap inwards and turn it counterclockwise.

6.            Now pull out the lint filter and clean it under running water with a soft brush or sponge.

7.            Then replace the cleaned lint filter by screwing the cap back in clockwise. Note: The noise made by the spring when screwing in is normal.

The lint filter should be checked from time to time, depending on the use of the machine. We hope that this manual has helped you to clean the foreign object trap of your Samsung washer-dryer without any problems.


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