Selfie mirror-inverted? Always pick it up the right way round!


If you take a selfie with your smartphone, you may notice that the photo was taken mirror-inverted. Since this is a bit irritating with some shots, we would like to explain why this is the case and also how you can always take a photo with the front camera the right way round.


Why are selfies displayed mirror-inverted?

There is an option in the camera settings of your smartphone that causes photos taken with the front camera to be mirrored. This option is usually called "Pictures as displayed" or "Mirror inverted".

Often this option is automatically activated after a firmware update, which then leads to your pictures not being displayed correctly. So you should check this option, because it is responsible for your Selfie photos:

Set the correct setting in the camera app

1.            Open the camera app on your smartphone.

2.            Switches to the settings.

3.            Searches for an option by name:

  • Mirror-inverted
  • Images as displayed

1.            Deactivate the option.

Afterwards, photos taken with the front camera of your smartphone are always displayed correctly.

Undo mirroring for already recorded selfies

Now if you have already saved photos in the gallery of your smartphone that have a mirror, you can easily remove it. Every smartphone nowadays has an image editor on board, which makes it possible to undo such a mirroring.

To do so, open the Gallery app on your smartphone and search for "Edit" or a small pencil icon.

Select it and then look for a symbol that stands for "mirroring", such as </>. This will now flip the image.

Save the changes and your Selfie is back to the way it should have been in nature.

Now you know why Selfie photos are sometimes mirrored, why this setting is sometimes activated, how to always display photos the right way round and what you can edit with already mirrored photos.


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