Setting up Google Alerts to track messages - Tutorial

With Google Alerts you can follow interesting new content and be automatically notified as soon as there is news on a defined topic.

You can create a variety of alerts on Google, such as news, blog entries, RSS feeds and so on.


If you want to set up Google Alerts for yourself, this step-by-step guide explains how to do it:

Set up Google Alerts to follow news, RSS feeds, etc.

1. open Google Alerts on your device

2. enter now in the field above a specific term for which you want to create an alarm, such as "Smartphones".

3. Google now shows you the results as a drop-down menu.

4. navigate to "Show options" and you can determine how often alerts, a source, language, region, etc. should be checked You can also set here that the alert is delivered as an RSS feed or directly in your email.

Now select "Create alarm".

This allows you to follow the latest news and you will be automatically informed about alarms.

You now know how to use the Google Alerts to be informed about new ASAP topics.


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