Smartphone Chotech solar panel What is the charging current?

There are many solar panels on the Internet that are designed to charge your smartphone or other electronic device with solar energy. The sunlight is converted into electrical energy and transferred to your smartphone via a USB charging cable.


We have tried out such a solar panel for you and checked the following interesting technical feature:

Our used solar panel is a "Chotech 14W Foldable Solar Power Charger". This is available on Amazon at a very good price / performance ratio:

Chotech solar panel What is the charging current?

The charge current of the solar panel is amazingly good when direct sunlight is available. The smartphone is then charged with approx. 1.7 ampere, which can be seen in the following video.

Info: The video shows that the charging current is 1300 mAh. One must consider however that the Smartphone without a connection of a cable, thus in normal operation has a discharge of approx. 350 mAh. This must be added when measuring with the Ampere App.

We are very satisfied with the solar charger and now we always have it with us when we go hiking or travelling.


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