Spotify No Internet connection available - Tips

If you use the music streaming service provider "Spotify" to listen to music on the road or at home, the music enjoyment may be disturbed by the following error message: "No Internet connection available".

This problem can occur with both Android and iOS devices and has different causes, which we would like to discuss in more detail in our following tips.


This is because the error usually appears even though a network connection such as Wi-Fi or mobile data is active.

Tips when Spotify displays "No connection possible" and music is not playing

Note: Try out the app after each tip.  To do so, restart the Spotify app and check whether the Internet is working or not.

First of all you should also try if the error occurs with W-lan and mobile data. If the error only occurs with Wlan, then a wrongly configured W-Lan router may also be responsible.

Tip 1: Reinstall Spotify (iOS/ Android)

Usually it helps to completely uninstall the music app first and then reinstall it again. This rewrites the data, which often helps to solve problems. This is unfortunately the only option left for an IPhone or iPad user to solve the problem. Otherwise it remains to wait and see if a new update is available from the app developer.

Tip 2: Empty data and clear cache (Android)

Clear the data and the cache of the Spotify App This should result in the removal of corrupted data that causes problems.

1. open the settings on your Android smartphone

Navigate to "Apps" and search for "Spotify" in the list of apps.

Select the Spotify app to open the app information.

4. you will now find the entry "Memory" - Select the entry

5. you will now find two buttons:

  • Delete data
  • Empty Cache

Now select "Empty Cache" and then "Clear Data".

Then restart the smartphone.

Tip 3: Wipe Cache Partition (Android)

A method that always helps when errors occur with an Android smartphone is to perform the wipe cache partition. For this we have written a comprehensive guide:

  • Wipe Cache Partition in Android
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Tip 4: Switch off battery optimization for "Spotify" (Android)

New Android operating systems have integrated battery management, which slows down certain apps. Here you should check if the Spotify App has a corresponding limitation, which causes that no internet connection can be established.

The option can usually be found below:

  • Settings --> Apps --> Select app --> Battery


  • Allow background activity
  • Do not optimize battery consumption

Tip 5: Change APN access point

It is possible that your smartphone has an incorrect APN access point. Therefore check the following:

Navigate to:

  • Device Settings --> Wireless & Networks (More) --> Mobile Network --> Access Points

Here you see all available APNs (Internet, WAP, MMS etc.) If WAP or MMS is selected here, just tap on the APN item "Internet" to use it.

This should allow you to connect to the Internet using the Spotify app.


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