Suppress Samsung Galaxy A51 number - It's that easy

 The SAMSUNG GALAXY A51 smartphone is equipped with the Android operating system, whose settings allow the user's own phone number to be suppressed during calls.

Caller ID suppression is a handy feature if you don't want your call partner to find out your phone number.


However, the phone number suppression is not activated by default by the network operator and in Android, so we would like to explain in this manual how to suppress your own phone number on the SAMSUNG GALAXY A51.

And it works like this:

Hide your own phone number - Making a call

1. open the phone app on your smartphone

2. tap the icon with the three dots in the upper right corner and select "Settings" from the context menu.

Now scroll down a bit and select "Additional services".

4. the first entry is: "Show own phone number" - Select it

This will open a small window in which you now have three options for your own Caller ID on the SAMSUNG GALAXY A51.

  • Suppress phone number
  • Show phone number
  • Network default setting (Show phone number automatically for almost all providers)

In order to suppress your own phone number on the SAMSUNG GALAXY A51, you must set the marking to "Suppress phone number".

The setting is then automatically forwarded to the mobile network operator and saved.

If you now make a call with the SAMSUNG GALAXY, your call partner will not see your number on the display.

In place of this, a "Private" or "Unknown" will appear with Him. You have now successfully activated caller ID suppression on the SAMSUNG GALAXY A51.


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