Switch off Samsung Galaxy S10 via status bar

 The Samsung Galaxy S10 has received several new features with the OneUi 2.1 update, which may not be obvious at first sight. Beside the changes already mentioned in the changelog, you can also find a new function in the status bar which is not mentioned.

 From now on it is possible to switch off the Samsung Galaxy S10 directly from the status bar. This means that you no longer have to press the power button for an extra long time to turn off or restart the phone, which is very convenient.

To use the new OneUI 2.1 feature, proceed as follows:

Switch off Samsung Galaxy S10 via status bar - Power-Off icon

1.            Draws the status bar from the top to the center of the display.

2.            Now select the Power-Off symbol.

3.            Selects "Switch off" or "Restart".

The function is really not spectacular, but we think it is very pleasant to use in everyday life and hope that you like it as much as we do.

It's nice that Samsung has equipped the Samsung Galaxy S10 with OneUI 2.1 so quickly, so that users of the S10 models can also access the new features.


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