Take a screenshot by tapping the back of the iPhone

The iOS 14 operating system for the iPhone offers a wealth of additional and improved features. One of them is definitely the "Tap on back" feature. Now users can take a screenshot by simply tapping on the back of the iPhone.


The function uses the integrated acceleration sensor of the phone. It basically detects the touch on the back of the device and also counts the number of touches.

To take a screenshot by tapping the back of the iPhone

1. open the Settings menu on your iPhone

2. navigate to the option "Operating aids".

3. continue by clicking "Tap Then activate the function "Tap on back".

4. here you can see both the "double-tap" and "triple-tap" options.

Now select whether you want to use double or triple typing.

6. now you see a list of possible actions.

7. now select "Screenshot

You can now take screenshots by tapping the back of your iPhone. If this function is not displayed on your iPhone, please read on here:

Which iOS 14 compatible iPhones are suitable for the screenshot tap function?

The function (double-tap or triple-tap) is officially not available on the iPhone 7 series or older models, even if iOS 14 runs on it. Only iPhone 8 or higher models will have this feature available with iOS 14.


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