Take a screenshot of the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 - Here's how

The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 can take screenshots like any Android smartphone. Such a screenshot simply saves the displayed display content as an image file.


This can then be edited, saved and sent.

For the screenshot there are 20 different methods on the Samsung Galaxy Note:

  • Key combination
  • S-Pen
  • Wiping over the display
  • Google Assistant

In the following we will explain the individual methods in detail:

Screenshot via key combination

1. open the app or website you want to record

Press and hold the Power button and Volume down button for about 2 seconds until the screen flashes.

The screenshot is now taken and can then be edited, split or saved.

Screenshot via S-Pen

The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 comes with an S-Pen, which you can also use to make a screenshot. You have to use it as follows.

1. pull the S Pen out of the Samsung Galaxy Note 20, then select "Screenshot Note" from the "Air Command" menu.

2. this will immediately create a screenshot of the content that is currently displayed on the screen (as with the other variants).

The S-Pen version is reserved for the Samsung Galaxy Note models and is a practical function in everyday life, as you can use the pen to write notes directly on the photo.

Screenshot about wiping over the display

Samsung offers a special screenshot function via the OneUI interface, namely taking a picture by wiping the edge of the hand across the screen.

To use this variant on the Samsung Galaxy Note 20, it must first be enabled in the settings of the Android system. This is how it works:

1.            Open the settings of Android.

2.            Scroll down in the menu and tap on "Advanced Functions".

3.            Navigate to "Movements and gestures".

4.            Continue to "Screenshot".

5.            Set the slider to "Active" to activate the function.

You can now take a screenshot using a wipe gesture as follows:

Open the app or website you want to record. Place the side of your palm on the edge of the screen. Swipe the side of your palm across the screen of the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 in one smooth motion. The screenshot will now be taken.

Screenshot via Google Assistant

Another method is to take a screenshot with the Google Assistant. Just open the Google Assistant on the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 by saying "Hey Google" and then use one of the following voice commands:

  • "Take a screenshot"
  • "Take Screenshot"

The Google Assistant will then take a screenshot for you, if the necessary permissions are set in Android.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 also offers the possibility to take bixby screen shots via the voice wizard. Due to the multitude of possibilities, we will not go into detail about this method.

You now know the most common methods for your Samsung Galaxy Note 20 to make a screenshot and how to proceed in detail.


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