Take Samsung Galaxy S20 series pictures - How to do it

 The Samsung Galaxy S20 has enough CPU power and a high-resolution camera to capture continuous shooting. It takes several frames per second, which makes it possible to take pictures of extremely fast movements.


If you are now wondering how to activate the continuous shooting function on the Samsung Galaxy S20, we would like to give you the right answer with our instructions:

Quickly take many photos in a row - Samsung Galaxy S20

1.            Open the Camera app.

2.            Touch the gear symbol.

3.            Select "Swipe to Border over Shutter Button".

4.            Mark "Capture serial images".

Now you have correctly defined the settings for capturing serial images. It works as follows:

  • Drag the trigger down to the bottom of the screen as shown in the screenshot:

This starts the continuous shooting function and very quickly captures a large number of images in succession. This happens as long as you keep the shutter release button pressed down.

Release the shutter button to stop the continuous shooting.

You now know the settings on the Samsung Galaxy S20 to take serial images and also how to trigger them.


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