Tinder error network request failed - Tip

 Within the Dating App Tinder an error message may appear from time to time. So the following message can be shown on the display:

"Error network request failed"


This message will be shown for example at the Top-Picks. The reason for this error message is usually not always clear, so we have summarized the most common help topics that deal with this error message here:

Check Internet connection

In most cases there is a weak Internet connection. Therefore check if your smartphone displays 3G or 4G. E as internet connection is clearly too slow and can lead to the error message above.

Change the location so that you can get a better Internet connection again, so that Tinder can use 3G or 4G.

GPS connection enabled

It can also happen that you have accidentally deactivated the GPS connection or are using an app that simulates a different location. This can be remedied by activating GPS or deactivating the app that simulates a different location.

Fault at Tinder - wait and see

During peak hours, Tinder may also have a problem with its servers and therefore cannot provide enough processing power. As a consequence you will get the mentioned error message on your display.

We hope that this error message will disappear as soon as possible and that you can use the Dtating App again as usual.


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