Tinder - How often does Secret Admirer appear?

 If you have installed the dating app Tinder on your smartphone and have not booked a Premium or Gold Membership, you will be shown the so-called "Secret Admirer" from time to time.

Here you will see 4 cards, each with a question mark.


If you touch a card, you will be shown a person who thinks you are good and has given you a "Like".

It's a pretty cool thing, because often it's not that easy to have two Likes overlap and there's a match.

However, the Secret Admirer feature does not appear in Tinder too often. So you probably want to know:

How often and when is the Secret Admirer feature shown in Tinder?

Unfortunately there is no official information from Tinder. The whole thing runs according to a certain algorithm, which is not carried to the outside.

Therefore we can only give you a rough estimate of how the Secret Admirer feature will be displayed.

  • It depends on how often your matches are searched
  • It is not only allowed to sip to the right and left, but there must be a natural use of the app. (This also includes navigating through the pictures of the individual persons)

If you take this into account, you will usually see the feature every 2 days. Provided there are enough Likes on your photos.


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