Tinder Secret Admirer same person is displayed again and again - Resolved

 When using the App Tinder, you will be shown the Secret Admirer feature at regular intervals, where you can reveal one of four face-down cards.

Among them is a person who kliked you. If you forgive a like, then a match is created.


Now it can happen that the Secret Admirer feature is shown to you several times in a row and always outputs the same person. A selection like Like or Nope will cause the window to disappear, but a short time later it will be displayed again.

In this case it only helps to uninstall the app "Tinder" once. It works as follows:

Open the app menu on your smartphone and press and hold an app until it can be removed from the smartphone by clicking the minus symbol or "Uninstall app". Afterwards the app can be installed again as usual via Google Play Store or iTunes.

After that you will most likely see the Secret Admirer feature again, but this time the overview should not hang, but work as usual.


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