Tinder Something went wrong - Solution

 If you use the dating app "Tinder" on your smartphone, you may be confronted with the following error message:

"Something went wrong".


First of all, this message means that you are not using the app and therefore cannot meet new people. To make sure that this doesn't stay that way, we have put together some solutions for you that will help you to fix the bug in Tinder:

Fix the error "Something went wrong in Tinder

Since it is not possible to say that there is only one cause, the following solutions are sorted by effect.

1. smartphone restart

First of all, restart your smartphone once. This can often solve the problem quickly and easily. To do this, press and hold the power button for a few seconds and then select "Turn off".

2. check your internet connection

Since Tinder communicates over the Internet you should check if the mobile Internet or W-Lan can be used properly. Check if you can use other apps that use an internet connection normally or if there are any errors.

3. install the latest Tinder version

Check the Google Play Store to see if a newer version of Tinder is available. If so, please update the app.

4. log out to Tinder and log in again

For some users it also helped to log out of the app once and then log back in again. Do this once and then check if the error could be fixed.

5. perform Wipe Cache Partition

The Wipe Cache Partition cleans up the system as a whole and thus also fixes errors in apps. Read the following article about the Wipe Cache Partition:

  • Meaning of the Wipe Cache Partition

6. wait - Tinder Server malfunction

If the above mentioned tips did not help you, then it only helps to wait and see. Because very often there is a malfunction of the Tinder Server. But these are quickly fixed, so that you can fall back on them after a short time.

We hope that you were able to quickly and easily fix the error message "Something went wrong" on your smartphone.


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