Toniebox LED color green, blue, yellow and red - meaning

 The Toniebox is equipped with a status LED, which can show you different status messages by means of different light colors. If you don't have the operating instructions directly at hand now, you will wonder:

What is the meaning of the individual LED colors of the Toniebox?

We want to give you the right answer for every LED color:

LED lights up green

If the LED is green, it means that the speaker box is working correctly, sufficiently charged and ready to play music and stories.

LED pulsates blue

This LED color indicates that the Toniebox is searching for wireless networks in the area and can connect accordingly, which is necessary for the setup and download of media content.

LED flashes blue

The flashing blue LED can stand for two different status messages:

1.            If the LED of the tone-box is blinking blue, it means that it is actively connected to a wireless network and is currently downloading new tone-content.

2.            The system searches for a nearby W-Lan network, this takes about 20 seconds. Afterwards the system automatically switches to the connection mode.

LED flashes orange

If the LED flashes in orange light, this means that the battery of the Toniebox needs to be charged urgently. Therefore, connect the box to a charger to supply the battery with power again.

LED flashes red

A red LED means error. The Toniebox can tell you exactly which error it is and will communicate this information via a voice message.

Now you know the meaning of the individual LED light colors and what it is all about.

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