Toniebox no longer reacts - perform a soft reset

 The Toniebox is the ideal toy for children and combines playing and listening in a very beautiful way. If you put a "Tonie" on the "Toniebox", it can happen that it simply does not react to it.

 This means that no content is downloaded, let alone played. So what can you do if the Toniebox stops responding and shows no reaction to the game character?

The Soft Reset helps you with this. In this guide we would like to explain how to carry this out.

Toniebox without reaction - The restart helps you

Attention! The Toniebox must NOT be placed on the charging station!

1.            Turns the Toniebox upside down

2.            Hold both ears simultaneously for about 10 seconds.

3.            A sound signal sounds, you can now let go of your ears, because the box will now be restarted.

4.            When the LED of the Toniebox is permanently green, it is ready for use again.

So now you know how to use the Toniebox again if it suddenly doesn't react to game characters and doesn't play music or stories.


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