Turn off Samsung keyboard autocorrect - Intelligent typing

 If you are typing text on a Samsung smartphone, you will always see the Samsung keyboard ex works. The keyboard offers many advantages and comes with a variety of settings.


However, some of them, such as the auto-correction function, can sometimes be annoying.

Because if you enter a word, suggestions are displayed directly. If you now select the space bar, these words are directly taken over. This often leads to errors and strange texts, especially with colloquial words.

Therefore, you will most likely want to set up the Samsung keyboard so that the auto-correction does not intervene and is inactive.

How to disable the auto-correction for the Samsung keyboard - Manual

1.            Open the Android settings on your Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

2.            Scroll down the menu to "General Administration" and select the entry.

3.            Now select "Language and input" and then "On-screen keyboard".

4.            After that we go on to "Samsung Keyboard" and then to "Intelligent Typing".

5.            Now select "Replace automatically" and then deactivate the option at "English".

Here you can see the steps again in detail in our video tutorial:

Now the auto-correction is disabled and you will no longer be surprised by automatically replaced words that the Samsung keyboard will put into the text when you tap the space bar.

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