Update iPhone driver under Windows 10

It may happen that your Windows PC does not recognize the iPhone connected to it correctly and you cannot exchange data. This happens when you connect the phone with a USB cable.


Mostly this is due to the iPhone driver used in Windows 10, so if you have the problem described above, our following instructions will explain how to solve the problem quickly. Just use one of the following variants:

To update the iPhone driver in Windows 10

Driver update via Windows Update

First, connect your iPhone to your Windows PC with the USB cable.

2. navigate from there to the settings of your Windows operating system

3. go to Update & Security.

Select "Check for Updates" which will automatically update the iPhone drivers in Windows 10 when they are available.

Driver update via device manager

To do this, connect your iPhone to your Windows 10 PC via USB again and then right-click on your start menu icon to go to the Device Manager.

On the new screen, search for "Removable Disk". Expand this entry and you will see Apple iPhone. Right click on this Apple iPhone and select the option "Update Driver".

Next, select the option "Automatically check for updated driver software" and Windows will now perform the necessary driver update.

We hope that one of the two variants helped you to display the iPhone as a data carrier on your PC again, if it is connected via USB cable



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