Use Samsung Galaxy S20 as a spirit level - Tip

Your Samsung Galaxy S20 has many sensors on board that can reveal amazing features. So it is possible to use the position sensor also as a spirit level.


This means that the smartphone can be used when setting up the next IKEA cupboard or shelf or when installing a picture.

The spirit level is hidden in the side menu of the Samsung Galaxy S20 within the "Tools".

Activate tools including spirit level for the sidebar

1. open the settings of your Samsung Galaxy smartphone

Go to "Display" and then to "Page screen".

Select "Side Panels".

4. check the box next to "Tools".

The tools including the spirit level are now installed.

Call up spirit level

Drag the page list into the display and then wipe through each panel until you see "Tool". There select "Layer Surface" to activate the spirit level.

You will thus know the procedure to use a spirit level on the Samsung Galaxy S20.


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