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 If you use a desktop PC at home and not a laptop, you will most likely not have a webcam at hand. But this is indispensable, especially for the home office or for talking to friends, and that is why users will ask themselves the following question:


Can I use the smartphone as a webcam and if so how?

The answer to this is: Yes, you can use your smartphone as a desktop PC webcam. For the "how" we have written the following article with the corresponding instructions for Android and iOS smartphones:

Using the camera of an Android smartphone as a webcam

For the Android operating system the app "DroidCam" is suitable. With it you can transfer sound and video to a PC.

Download the DroidCam application to your PC from the manufacturer page:

  • Download DroidCam for Windows

Download the app to your smartphone:

  • Download Google Play Store

Now first make sure that both devices, i.e. PC and Smartphone are logged on to the same network. Now you are ready to go:

1.            Start the client on your PC and the app on your smartphone.

2.            On the smartphone you will now see "WiFi IP" and a "DroidCam Port".

3.            Enter these two codes in the client on your PC.

4.            Now select "Start" in the client on the PC.

You should now be able to transfer images and sound from your smartphone to your computer and view them there. You have now successfully set up your Samsung, Huawei or Sony smartphone as a webcam for a desktop computer:

If you are not using an Android smartphone but an Apple iPhone, then use the following instructions:

Using an iOS smartphone camera as a webcam

Unfortunately there is no working web camera solution for iOS at the moment to use an iPhone as a desktop webcam. If you know an alternative, please let us know here in our blog. Thanks a lot!

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